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Dr. Zilio has many years of experience in orthodontics. If you want your smile to be corrected by an expert, you are at the right place! Whether you are in Montreal or on the North Shore, Dr. Zilio practices in three clinics to make his care accessible to as many patients as possible.

The technological advances and scientific discoveries of recent years have led to a real revolution in orthodontics and treatment options for patients. The days when orthodontic appliances were painful and uncomfortable are gone! Indeed, it is now possible to obtain a dream smile by using discreet devices and easy to wear.

Why Orthodontic treatment?

An orthodontic treatment helps correct teeth that are misaligned, overlapped or any other type of dental or skeletal malocclusions.

Obviously, when we think of orthodontics, we think of the aesthetic part of a smile. However, beyond this aspect, when a patient is advised to undergo orthodontic treatment, it is also to enable him to have a healthier smile. Indeed, the teeth which present one of the aforementioned problems will be more difficult to clean than perfectly aligned teeth. Thus, the risk of developing a dental problem, such as tooth decay or gum disease, is increased. In addition, a marked problem can lead to speech, chewing, and even digestion.

For the health of its teeth and mouth, it is important to correct such problems to avoid the complications associated with it. To do this, there are now several processing options.

Types of appliances

We offer many treatment options. From your first meeting with our team, we will be aware of your particular condition, your needs, your expectations as well as your budget. Our team will then be able to determine with you the treatment option that suits you best.

Conventional orthodontic appliances, known as "braces", have proven effective in treating many problems of malocclusion. These metal appliances require the use of elastic fasteners on the braces, called ligatures, which serve to attach the wire connecting each of these braces. Ligatures, by increasing the friction on the teeth, increase the resistance and decrease the speed of the desired dental movements. This results in more discomfort for the patient, but also in a longer duration of treatment. However, new technologies now make it possible to overcome these adverse effects related to traditional braces. Dr. Zilio always favors the use of these new technologies, which are highly profitable for his patients.

Self-ligating braces

Self-ligating braces (as opposed to conventional braces, do not use ligatures to hold the wire in place.) This type of braces has a kind of door that, when closed, keeps the wire in place. This greatly reduce the friction so the teeth can then move more freely.

Self-ligating braces, combined with a wire better suited to the teeth, allow much less pressure to be exerted on the teeth. This technology has many advantages for the patient:

Less discomfort as there is less pressure on the teeth;

* Self-ligating braces and new generation wires require less adjustment than conventional braces, which means fewer visits to the orthodontist during treatment;

* The processing time is reduced by several months.

The technology surrounding the self-ligating braces is constantly evolving, as well as offering more and more benefits for patients. Dr. Zilio uses this type of braces for his orthodontic treatments because of the numerous advantages they provide, both in terms of aesthetics and functional level.

Transparent braces

The time when conventional braces were only made of metal is a thing of the past! Indeed, many technologies allow today the use of transparent braces.

The conventional braces can now be made of ceramic. This material, blending well with the natural color of the teeth, makes it possible to obtain precise results, while being very discreet. Ceramic braces therefore have many aesthetic advantages.

Self-ligating braces can also be made from transparent material. In this way, in addition to offering the patient many of the above-mentioned benefits, they provide the desired results discreetly.

Orthodontic treatments are no longer what they were. The many technological advances now make it possible to obtain a more aesthetic, functional and healthier smile without having to wear visible and uncomfortable devices. As mentioned earlier, Dr. Zilio always favors the use of these latest technologies to allow his patients to get the orthodontic treatment they need without having to change their habits.

Custom Orthodontic Treatment

Thanks to the expertise and experience of Dr. Zilio, you will be assured of the treatment that best suits your needs, while respecting your budget.

The treatment options we offer to our patients are always personalized and tailored to their particular circumstances. If you want to improve the alignment of your teeth, trust our skills!

Orthodontics for all

Although it is more common to see children or adolescents undergoing orthodontic treatment, nowadays, individuals of all ages can benefit. Indeed, multiple treatment options are now available to patients, so that one is adapted to the needs of each patient.

Children and Orthodontics

We recommend that you consult an orthodontist for your child when he/she is about 7 years old. Indeed, it is during this period that the permanent molars erupt and that a professional is able to assess whether the development of teeth and jaws is normal.

Therefore, an initial evaluation at an early age will not necessarily result in treatment in orthodontics. However, it will make it possible to detect a problem at its source, in order to undertake the necessary treatment without waiting, if the need arises.

Adolescents and Orthodontics

Adolescents are excellent candidates for orthodontic treatment. Indeed, at their age, the development of teeth and jaws is advanced. Thus, an orthodontist will be able to detect an alignment disorder that could cause problems in the future, to correct it before it causes harm.

Adolescents are often reluctant to get orthodontic treatment. However, today there are many treatment options available to correct the alignment of the teeth, without having to wear very visible or noticeable devices.

Adults and orthodontics

It is never too late to undergo orthodontic treatment. It is now possible to correct the alignment of the teeth without having to follow an invasive treatment that will modify the daily life of the patient. Following a treatment, even in adulthood, not only makes it possible to obtain a more aesthetic smile, but it also makes it possible to have healthier teeth.

No matter your age and needs, come and meet our team without delay. We will give you the treatment option best suited to your needs!

Before after

Modern orthodontic techniques lead to incredible results! Not only is the aesthetic appearance of the patient's smile significantly improved, but it is also his or her oral health that benefits.


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